I have a story I’d like to share with Nancy Noel and all those who have come upon her beautiful works of art.

My sister’s true love Wayne was lost at sea when he ventured out alone on the “Aries”, during a nor’easter in October 2002. One evening I was lying on the sofa looking up at my “Angel of the Lake” painting and could clearly envision a sailboat directly in the center of the angel’s garment. My sisters can also see the vision. The picture brings such comfort as you see the wings of the angel surrounding the sailboat and her hand gently reaching into the water. My family and I believe this is a sign from above and it helps to heal my sister Marie’s broken heart. Thank you Nancy and please continue to follow your heart and bring this happiness to so many followers.

Love & Peace,


Angel of the Lake Detail

The following appeared in June’s issue of Woman’s World Magazine…

When Woman’s World Reader, Heather Nichols, of Queensbury, New York, checked her daughter into the hospital for hip surgery, Hannah came out of the recovery room chattering about angels! She writes:

My Daughter, Hannah, was born with Down Syndrome. Over the years, she has faced many health obstacles, including open-heart surgery when she was only seven weeks old!

At the age of nine, she had major hip surgery, and the procedure was terribly painful. As doctors wheeled Hannah
into the operating room, I prayed, “Please, God, watch over my little girl!”

Blessedly, the surgery was a success. When I went to see my sweet daughter in the recovery room, she was smiling, and pointed to her hip and said: “Water.” Then she moved her hands like the Wings of a bird.

Because Hannah had difficulty with her expressive language, I didn’t understand What she was trying to tell me. I offered her a glass of water, but she refused.

Hannah had a long recovery in a body cast, and each time she went to her doctor for a checkup, she would point to her hip, mention waiter and flap her arms. The doctor and I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to say, but I
knew it was important to her.

Several months after the surgery, when her cast was removed and she was able to walk again, Hannah took me by the hand and pulled me into the living room to a picture that had been hanging on the wall for years.

The painting Was called “Angel by the Lake,” by Nancy Noel. I’d purchased it because the angel in the picture reminded me so much of Hannah.

As we looked at the painting, Hannah smiled. Then she pointed to her hip, said, “Water,” and flapped her little arms, like wings. Tears filled my eyes as I suddenly understood What she’d been trying to tell me all along.

Taking her in my arms, I said, “Oh sweetheart, were angels there when you Were in the hospital?” Hannah nodded
her head, ecstatic that I understood. Then my sweet girl held up her hand, raising three little fingers. One, two, three angels. Then she flapped her arms again and I joined in!

Although that was a few years ago, Hannah still remembers the angels that were with her in the operating
room, and still chatters about them from time to time in a language that. only Heaven can completely understand. When she begins to move her little hands like wings, I feel a rush of peace, knowing that her guardian angel will remain at her side forever.

“Hannah definitely does have guardian angels watching over her, and-like many children-she has seen her angels!” agrees Doreen Virtue PhD “Whenever a child has a health challenge, angels hover even closer for protection and fast healing.”

“Sometimes the angels make themselves visible. The angels know that we feel less afraid when we can see their presence. Dear little Hannah must have been understandably nervous about her surgery. . . and then very comforted and happy when she saw her angels!”

“She recognized the angels from her family picture, which is one reason I recommend parents talk: about angels with their children. Young people can usually see angels, and it’s helpful for children to have “a framework to understand them.”

“The angels say, ‘In times of great need, we shine our love for you so brightly that you can see and feel our presence.’ ”