I must let you know how wonderful my experience was this past Saturday at the Sanctuary Open House.  I spent five hours there with the intention of finding two of your works for my family room.  One that would go over my fireplace and one that would go over my sectional.  I came away with those two pieces, but not without learning a lifetime worth of wise artistic advice from you.  First, you told me to get only the pieces that would speak to me.  Do you realize how hard it was to tell you when one of your pieces didn’t say anything to me?  Second, you had stated in a past interview how important art is in a home and people just don’t get it.  Well, a few weeks ago, I decided that was exactly what I needed and wanted in my home to make a statement and help create the mood I want and need.  I came away with two pieces that had spoken to me in such a way that I kept going back to them over and over.

As an older OR nurse, I work in a very stressful job and need to come home to a peaceful sanctuary where I can tune out the world, relax and “refill my cup”.  I have learned that what also works for me is the wonderful companionship of animals with their unconditional love.  I believe that is why I am so attracted to your paintings of animals.  I put Three Lambs over my sectional and Delicate Cap over my fireplace where the spot lights shine on her soft, innocent face and the little tufted titmouse plays with the string on her cap….six feet from the window where I feed the birds all winter long.  The darker backgrounds on these paintings against my yellow walls created a new depth and contrast in the room that I have been trying to create for years.  I now walk into my family room and feel a wonderful peace and one word that keeps popping into my head…perfect!

The third painting that haunted me was Big Dog.  I take my long haired little lap dog to a retirement home once a month to visit a friend.  When she sits on those older resident’s laps, they relax, run their hands over her little body and talk about their pets from the past that they loved.  When I look at that painting, I don’t just see a little girl resting against a large dog, I see perhaps a very weary 85 yr old woman who again becomes a little girl in the presence of a gentle animal.

I now get it Nancy.  Surrounding yourself in your home with art that speaks to you is amazing!  Thank you for sharing this knowledge and your wonderful talent with us!