Dear Nancy,

I have felt the presence of Angels more than once in my life. I am writing to share one such occasion as it involves an angel sent through the hand of Nancy Noel.
My daughter has collected Nancy’s art work for many years. She speaks to me of how in times of adversity, her soul is soothed just by sitting surrounded by her angel paintings. When I came across a beautifully framed picture that my daughter did not yet have I knew I had to pick it up for her.

angel of the arts detail

On my way home I was in an auto accident. My car rolled, the windows blew out and the contents followed. When the car was still and I was able to gain composure, I managed to free myself from the wreck. I could see my possessions strewn all around. My heart was pounding and my mind was scattered. As I took in the scene in it’s entirety I became aware that my car was stopped by a small little tree. Were it not for that tree, my car would have landed in a swamp and been engulfed by water. When I later looked inside my car, there on the back seat was the angel painted by Nancy Noel. She was upright and undamaged, in the same spot she she rested before the accident occurred. It was as if she was placed perfectly after the car came to a stop.

I can find no reasonable explanation. It was a miracle that both the picture and I survived.

Thank you for sending me an angel.