As a young artist, my first home away from home was a little house in the country here in Indiana. Even though I was renting, I wanted to give it my personal touch… it was crying out for art on the walls. At the time, I made my living sketching pastel portraits of children for clients. I didn’t have any paintings appropriate for my home. I remember checking into the marketplace, looking in magazines and through distributor catalogs to see what I could hang above my fireplace, over my bed or behind the couch.

Art, I felt, would add more joy and inspiration, an important part of making my little rented house a home. As I looked around, I found nothing with meaning and I couldn’t afford an original painting. There seemed to be nothing in between the almost absurd commercial, inexpensive art and an original… so, I decided to paint my own, my taste was French country. I wanted a rocking horse over my fireplace, a big beautiful cat over my bed and a rooster in my kitchen… and maybe a floral behind my couch.

Many who have followed me from my early career remember these paintings. In a stroke of genius, I turned them into posters and they were in high demand and the rest is history. These images have continued to hold their value and are still available exclusively through my studio on archival canvas and paper.


Today, I am surprised at the number of homes I see that have no art, or the kind of art that just simply fills a space. I realized that because of the art movements in the last century, people are confused about art and as a result they often avoid it. It’s interesting because art is the most valuable commodity in the world and yet the least understood. The misunderstanding is a whole story in itself which I would be glad to get into at a different time.

Now more than ever, we need to keep our eyes and thoughts on beauty and surround ourselves with who and what we love. Art in the home is a statement of who we are and what we think and what we believe. I hope you will take time to look closely and consider art for your home, whether it is mine or another artist. I encourage you to embrace art and the inspiration it brings to your life. For these reasons, I will continue to make my art affordable and available.

Keep your eyes on my new LOOKBOOK for ideas.

Be blessed,