Nancy’s original paintings on exhibit at Art Basel.

The great thing about fine art is that it retains a double value.

There is the cultural, sentimental, and the inexplicable appreciation of those who treasure it
— then there’s its monetary appreciation.

My job is not only to paint,
but also to ensure the future value of what I paint.
– N.A. Noël

During her extensive career Nancy has sold over 1,000 original paintings.

Shown below are a few paintings that
are currently available.

Nancy standing next to her original painting LETTING GO, which resides in her private collection.

It has been said that Noël’s work has a finesse
which is defined by her masterful use of layered colors.

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Original Art


oil on canvas
99 in. H x 106 in. W

Frame is 22ct white gold, hand patina,
custom carved with roman numerals.



The Raven represents the spirit of the angry ego stuck in a self- defeating story.

While feeling the desire to soar to new heights, The Raven clings to the discomfort and false sense of security which he is accustomed.

He argues his position as the wisdom of his higher- self attempts to gracefully force his hand through the eleventh hour.

– N.A. Noël


This painting also features
metallic highlights in select areas.


oil on canvas
37 in. H x 47 in. W

The Friesian horse is known for it’s power and stamina.

Nancy, who owned a Friesian Star was inspired by the elegance and strength of this breed.


oil on canvas
57 in. H x 66 in. W

Frame is 22ct white gold, hand patina, custom carved.

Nancy rescued this American Bull from the animal control shelter in the nick of time.

Abused and starving, she took a chance and was delighted to discover a brilliant and gentle heart inside this magnificent dog.

This trustworthy and devoted companion was cherished by her family.


Nancy is a great admirer of Oprah Winfrey
and the influence she has on the world.

Oprah, an original owner says about Nancy’s painting
“a gorgeous treasure, beautiful, tranquil with elegance and peace.”



oil on canvas
71 in. H x 104 in. W


This sizeable oil on canvas, in a vibrant loose watercolor-like technique, celebrates one of the largest elks in recorded history living in Utah.


oil on canvas
51 in. H x 48 in W.

Frame is 22ct white gold & champagne hand patina, custom carved.



The Charlois yields to the nature of things,
the butterfly.

It dissolves into the very essence
from which it is born.

– N.A. Noël


One of a kind enhanced reproduction on canvas
60 in. H x 58 in. W

Unique natural burnished wood hand carved frame.



The larger than life original of Sitting Bull was painted in the dark. Within a few hours the painting was complete.

One of the many extraordinary messages that came to me during this process was his insistence on keeping his eyes blue.

– N.A. Noël


oil on canvas
57 in H x 44 in W

Frame is 22ct white gold, hand patina, custom carved.

The dove is symbolic of the divine connection in
Noël’s paintings.

This painting overflows with a technique for which Nancy has become well known.

The layering of paints speaks to the spontaneity making a great painting “happen”.

The paint collaborates with the artist’s know-how which the artist refers to as controlled momentum.


oil on canvas
34 in. H x 40 in. W

Frame is 22ct white gold with natural inset,
hand patina, custom carved.


This is one of the last remaining paintings from Noel’s Amish series. THE BUTTERFLY remains one of her most popular and best-selling images of
Noël’s career.

Considering the history of this image, the original painting would be an excellent choice for a discerning collector.

This could be titled “the visitation” as Nancy suggests we are frequently touched by a presence, reminding us gently that we are all connected.


pencil drawing
20 in H x 24 in W

This drawing was inspired by a new love who has come into my life… thus the title, BELOVED.

– N.A. Noël

The moments in those still frames of life
could be the threads of your existence,
and if you’re an artist,
the substance of your craft.

Original oil paintings available. Serious inquires only.
For more information including pricing,, 317-733-1117.
Prices for Noël originals vary from under $10,000 to over $1,000,000.

Nancy is available to meet those who purchase original paintings.


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