The Contract



“It has been said that with the lack of awareness we will attract what we fear, and become what we hate.

I believe we make a contract with fear when we enter this time space reality we refer to as life. We drift unconscious of our own divinity.

Albeit unnecessary, this relationship affords us the opportunity to experience the contrast and discomfort which eventually awakens us to who we really are.” – N.A. Noël

Each Limited Edition archival paper and canvas is created with UltraChrome pigment inks. This state of the art process combines the best quality media to produce prints guaranteed for 100+ years. All editions are limited and are controlled at the discretion of the artist. Noël limited canvas and paper are sold exclusively through N.A. Noël Inc. No one is authorized to sell or reproduce N.A. Noël images. Each reproduction is registered and protected by the U.S. Copyright Office.

Limited Edition

12×13 Paper, 12×13 Canvas, 18×20 Paper, 18×20 Canvas, 22×24 Paper, 22×24 Canvas, Custom Sizes Available


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