About N.A. Noël: A Reverence for Life

From the prestigious National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC, to remote villages in Africa, Noël’s work has no boundaries and has inspired millions.

N.A. Noël is a prolific American Contemporary Impressionist. It is not only her stunning and thought provoking images which make her an exceptional artist, but the effect her work has on people that sets her apart.

Art heals, informs, transforms and inspires. Nancy Noël, a philanthropist and painter, is also a visionary. She captures the essence of her subjects, depicting them with reverence which quiets the mind and comforts the heart. Noël’s timeless paintings describe a world both natural and mystical, with a finesse that speaks directly to the soul.

Sensitive portraits of animals and Amish children made Noël a household name. The intimacy of the Amish children portrayed is not seen in mainstreamed American culture. In contrast, the African series demonstrates a unique versatility bringing us face to face with the haunting charisma of a diminishing culture. At the same time, Nancy’s angelic messengers float ethereally on canvas, all asking the viewer to see beyond the paintings into another dimension; encouraging us closer to our divinity in celebration of who we are.

Every day we are humbled by the messages we receive from those who have been touched by Nancy’s work. On behalf of Nancy, please accept our heartfelt thanks for the privilege of sharing with you.

Nancy Noël in her home in Zionsville, Indiana. Photo by Rob Devoe