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Nancy on the Work Alchemy podcast


Nancy recently talked with Ursula Jorch of the Work Alchemy podcast. Listen here:

Nancy on the Kristi Lee Uninterrupted Podcast


Acclaimed artist Nancy Noel fought undiagnosed dyslexia as a child and was told by a teacher in 8th grade “she would be nothing”.   Fortunately for art lovers everywhere Nancy was not swayed. She believes her learning disability…

Noel Farm Picnic with Down Syndrome of Indiana


Below are some of our favorite shots from last weeks Down Syndrome of Indiana picnic:

Two Stories Around Angel of the Lake


Hello, I have a story I’d like to share with Nancy Noel and all those who have come upon her beautiful works of art. My sister’s true love Wayne was lost at sea when he ventured out alone…

Sanctuary Open House Letter


Nancy, I must let you know how wonderful my experience was this past Saturday at the Sanctuary Open House.  I spent five hours there with the intention of finding two of your works for my family room.  One…

A Letter to Remember


It is difficult to describe how Nancy’s work has infused itself into my soul. The poet, Rumi, writes: “ The wound is the place where the Light enters”. When I lost my sweet Anna last year at the…

Chris Talks about Family Influence


When it comes to family, we all know that we would go to the ends of the earth to make them happy. I am lucky enough to say that I’ve experienced this kind of love through different branches…

The Sisters Journey to Joy


We have to start by saying that my sister and I have always been fans of Nancy’s work. Then something happened three years ago. Truth be told, I believe it was a God Moment. If you have ever…

Shaking Hands with Fear


Guest author, Alex Kosene, gives us his keen insight into Nancy Noël’s work in our series of in-depth looks at her recent work. The Contract This nearly 8-foot-tall painting seems oddly out of place, yet entirely rendered in the artist’s inimitable…


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